Baby service. Healthy Eating lactating women

NewbornIf potential, the nutritional nursing young woman should alone use fresh products (or products subjected to deep cooling). In the day menu must be present: fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy items, fresh meat, fish (meat, crab, and eggs can be eaten alone once or twice a 7 days), fats (a butter, olive oil, sunflower butter, ghee, wheat germ oil and thistle seed ), drinks (water, mineral water, plum, anise, fennel watter, cumin, barley aqua, malted grain and coffee).Short preparation time will keep all a vitamins (heartwarming meal should be not more than once), for salads and cooking, apply alone vegetable fats. Daily carte need be a bit of raw raw vegetables and fruits are very healthy bread from millet flour, oatmeal, muesli. Drink need lots - with 2 to 3 liters of fluid per time. It is good to just and upon fresh-feeding. Striving: natural milk - a item of power, and not quench your thirst.Eliminate with the diet you want: alcohol-containing drinks, beans, cabbage, strong tea, milk with sage, peppermint, hibiscus flowers, coffee, poultry, steak with blood meals from raw meat, chocolate, seafood, shellfish, offal, sharp seasoning, parsley, and citrus fresh fruits. Читать полностью -->

Attention of a baby. Washing down or not?

NewbornNutritionists recommend not to drink during a meal - alone later it is desirable after 10-Fifteen minutes. However do not put all on a desk that you require to propose your child. It is correct to do it one by one. Purchase a convenient utensils for tea, fruit compote and aqua. You should not pour a drink in a bottle with a nipple, immediately teach child to drink with a cup. Pick out a model with a convenient spout and a backstop if a toddler and upset the cup, a fluent does not spill. Читать полностью -->

Upkeep of a child. Nutrition in fresh-feeding

NewbornMisconception: postpartum nutrition may be made less nutritious.In fact: during warm-feeding need not fewer nutrients than in a last trimester of pregnancy! When fitness classes possess more energy. But one can not overeat: just 3 meals plus snacks. Prepare for this in progress:Decide who will help prepare the meal as a newborn;Leave a plate of diet food on a desk for snacking - greens, corn fresh bread, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, dried apples, etc..;Breast natural milk is 87.5% water, how drink more, in any case, not less than 9-10 glasses a day.  Mums. Alike Upkeep of a baby.articles:Newborn. Feeding cerealsNewbornService of a baby. Poses for breast-feedingNewbornBaby attention. Читать полностью -->

Child. 3. The newborn does not understand the meaning of words

NewbornHow tell him his actions are not indispensable. In fact, baby psychologists say: even a child requires to tell him approximately a changes that get occurred in the family. And even more how to tell a newborn that you are going to do with it.And it does not issue whether the child understands a words. Less significant than the capacity, so much emotional, sensory content. Studies show that children with whom a parents with a 1-st hours of life talking on equal terms, faster, and easier to learn to speak.Parents as such conversations help infants learn correct, to feel and realize that you are dealing not with a object of care and education, and on the individual, with a features man.  Mothers. Alike posts:Moms. Читать полностью -->

Leaving of a newborn. Things with a child at 83 weeks

BabyChildren love to play, being in variant positions - sitting or standing. If a child learns to stand, remove with a babies's table breakable objects and instead lay out his loved playthings. Let a newborn play with funs that enjoy simple names, "cup", "phone", "doll", "kitten" spoon "," dog "," cube "rattle", "banana", "clown". During the games, do not forget to call them.Cut out magazine pictures of great number, dogs, aircraft, spoons, teddy bears. Glue them onto sheets of heavy paper, so so to produce a booklet. Put the baby on her lap and "read" it. Читать полностью -->

Leaving of a baby. Thin hair Care after childbirth

BabyWhen men talk size a height of feminine nice upon childbearing, it is not a finish to enjoy in mind the excellent state of her thin hair. Most pregnant gerls thin hair get thicker and more luxuriant, they almost do not fall out and look beautiful. This is specifically noticeable in the later stages of childbearing.This will remove a hair, how, however a nails, and skin of pregnant women, helps to saturate the aging body with vitamin, nutrients and beneficial hormones.But nothing lasts forever, and any time after birthday the beautiful mum reluctantly discovers that her hair with a "stacks" evokes the admiration of men and the envy of her friends a lightness, turn into "Pattle" very pathetic child. At the same shreds lost hair every time remain on a comb, pillow collar.Woman, and it normally is not more satisfied with their look in this time, frequently throws up his hand and prepares to pass a rest of his your in a wig. So, things are not so bad, and say goodbye to thick great thin hair of the childbirth, at least, early.The only disappointing news on this subject for blondes, darkened following giving birthday - the original thin hair color will remain only in photographs. Darkening of the hair later childbirth - that is a common occurrence associated with the hormonal changes a body after gestation, childbirth and during lactation.What happens to a thin hair following childbirth and what caused such unpleasant for a young woman to substitute the number and structure? There are some reasons.1-st, the thin hair falls out all the time, because a healthy person scalp is constantly updated. Читать полностью -->

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