Care of a newborn. A bodily building of a child 11 weeks

NewbornIf the some one is just learning to walk, let it ride a little buggy. This is a effective exercise, done which a infant is learning to balance and time to stop. Lightweight stroller to get more sustainable, put it in a heavy book.Upon a walk It is possible to find much of things to work with babies. Show the child so to put in a bunch of stones, twigs or leaves. This will not alone help to improve material activity, or a son's little girl, but also stimulate a progress of touch.If a kid has learned to climb a stairs, show him as to have down on a stomach or getting to his feet. It is better to show your newborn safe method to walk down a stairs than rely on the fact that a crumb will never be on it.Building of a newborn under one yearCalendar of the evolution 11 30 daysTests of a child: 10-12 weeksCalendar of baby construction: 12 30 daysBaby 12 weeksBuilding of a child under 1 yearCalendar of baby developmentEarly Baby Development   Moms. Читать полностью -->

Mothers. Theory of breastfeeding

NewbornMisconception: women instinctively know how to breastfeed.In fact: earlier delivery to study the theory of breastfeeding. Help courses, magazines, books, magazines. And best part - all together. Provide a put and time to learn without interference by this nice young woman's art:In a quiet put put a comfortable chair or recliner not much;Next - a table where you keep snacks for themselves, how well however water, napkins, cloth.For a 1st time of the a birth of the newborn aside all other concerns and not worry about anything, mastering a science of feeding, even on vacation chores approximately the birth and alert friends - for that you get a rest of a your...  Mothers. Similar Child care.articles:Newborn. Feeding porridgeBabyMoms. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. Massage and "self-massotherapy"

NewbornLet's start with the massage. Once you get mastered and do approximately TWO-3 weeks of systemic massage, you can introduce newborn to new sensations. To do this, you need Push Already items: little balls, pencils, nuts, polish sticks. With their help, follow a stroking. If the "tool" small, you can be ironed all aging body crumbs if large - use it alone for the back.It is useful to offer a newborn and "self-massotherapy." To do this, spread out on a diaper changing desk pour cereal and put it on her baby. If a baby has been actively wield arms, put it on the back so it does not accidentally put his specks in the mouth or nose. Читать полностью -->

Upkeep of a child. 3. A baby does not understand a meaning of words

NewbornHow tell him his actions are not necessary. In fact, baby psychologists say: even a baby wants to tell him approximately the changes that have occurred in the family. And even more however to tell your child that you are going to do with it.And it does not issue whether a child understands the words. Less serious than a content, as much emotional, sensory capacity. Studies show that infants with whom the parents with the 1st hours of life talking on equal terms, faster, and easier to learn to speak.Moms and dads however such conversations help children learn consummate, to feel and realize that you are dealing not with the object of care and education, and on a individual, with the features man.  Newborn. Alike posts:Care of a child. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Prevention of rickets in infants

NewbornVitamins DFundamentals of child soundness - good nutrition, normal sleep with enough walks, massotherapy, gym. Frequently, for the prevention and treatment of a pediatrician assigned to receive prophylactic dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D - 500 IU is safe and covers a requires of rapidly growing newborn. There oil and aqueous solutions.Drugs vitamin D3 physiologic and efficacy of vitamin D 2, since vitamin D 3 - is provitamin A, it stimulates a production of its own vitamins D in a body of the baby.Aqueous solutions are less toxic than oil, however if a child is registered big dose of vitamin D, give them preference.A kid may be a long and continuously give prophylactic doses of vitamin throughout a cold-blooded season (from late autumn to source). If a medic has prescribed a dose of prophylactic above, it is advisable to take a crash for 5-7 days each 3-4 week of using drugs.If you feed your newborn with a mix that does not preclude taking vitamins D. The dose will calculate the local doctor.Should be complied with recommendations to receive vitamin D! In no case must not be given this medication without consulting the doctor. Читать полностью -->

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