Mums. Swim, dive, tumble

NewbornYear-olds to teach children to swim consummate to exceptional groups. Classes for babies of this age are held in the shape of a game. Instructor with moms and dads creates a trust situation: a child happy is included in a overall game. Gradually, swimming in a water and in the water with you for the newborn will be one of the most loved activities. And following 5 (maximum - ten) class kid will surely swim alone.If the pool has a sauna, try the breaks betwixt exercises go there for 1-2 min. It is possible to arrange a rinse in the shower. Читать полностью -->

Care of a child. Monthly during breast-feeding and bottle-feeding

NewbornMonth after birth through warm-feeding usually start later. But that's just how much later does not answer no medic and no medical publication - however it is purely individual.At least a 30 days later childbirth how come - is 6 week. All that early postnatal discharge are not monthly, and have a completely varied cause for the person - the blood of a endometrium due to the detachment of the placenta however a effect of his birthday. Monthly like result not held conception.Postpartum discharge normally last no more than 40 days, with all of this you are highly abundant in the 1-st 5 hours following birthday, and after becoming similar to "daub" in the last times of menstruation. By the way, even with such a "daub" ovulation can happen... How, you require to worry about the size of contraception immediately. Читать полностью -->

Care of a child. Nutrition in warm-feeding

NewbornMisconception: postpartum nutrition may be done less nutritious.In fact: during natural-feeding want not fewer nutrients than in a finish trimester of childbearing! When fitness classes have more energy. But one can not overeat: just 3 meals plus snacks. Prepare for this in advance:Decide who will help prepare the food how a newborn;Leave a plate of diet food on a desk for snacking - greens, corn bread, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, dried fruit, etc..;Fresh natural milk is 87.5% water, as drink more, in any case, not less than 9-10 glasses every day.  Newborn. Resembling Maintenance of a baby.articles:Newborn 69 weeksNewbornBaby. MastitisChildTeething in infantsBaby. . Читать полностью -->

Mothers. Prevention of breast mastitis

BabyPrevention of mastitis is to prevent the formation of cracks and abrasions nipples to the timely treatment, and to prevent stagnation of natural milk. A nursing mother must be specifically careful to follow a rules of personal hygiene. To do this every day to bath a breast with warm aqua and soap. The nipple and a surrounding space to wash out 2% solution of cheese (one tsp. Per cup of boiling aqua) or just boiled water. The first few drops of natural milk complete decant. Читать полностью -->

Service of a newborn. How to prepare child porridge?

ChildWhich is better: cereal with milk, h2o or vegetable soup? The answer to this question depends on a state of hygiene of a newborn and your personal views on his fresh food. In recent years, due to ever increasing levels of averse reactions in young infants in the first year of your, make porridge for whole cow's milk is not recommended.For children up to the first birthday is preferred to prepare porridge industrial production, which do not request to make. Breed them desirable specialized water for infant formula, natural natural milk or your milk mixing to which the baby is used to.For older kids, normally porridge prepared however follows: barley boiled in water until almost cooked, and alone then append a natural milk, and following removing from heat - oil. If a newborn suffering from atopic dermatitis (diathesis), what you later introduced him to cow's natural milk, a complete. So, we need not forget that adding natural milk to rice increases a nutritional value of fresh food in main.Separately, I should to say about veggie soups and broths. Yes, a any years ago, children with allergies to cow's natural milk protein pediatricians are advised to make porridge with vegetable bisque. Читать полностью -->

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