Child. Aqua

NewbornThe smallest demands to drink extremely individual and depend mostly on diet food, weight and age of a infant, however rightly as a state of well-being and a climate. In general it can be said that a healthy newborn until a year to 100 ml of fluid for any kg of gravity. When a baby reaches 10 kg, a calculation is slightly various wants: Presently every day a newborn wants to have 1 liter of liquid plus 50 ml per kg over a main ten.  Newborn. Alike posts:Moms. Causes Allergies in ChildhoodBabyBreastfeedingChildTeething in infantsBaby. . Читать полностью -->

Nutrition in fresh-feeding

ChildMisconception: postpartum nutrition may be done less nutritious.In fact: upon breast-feeding want not fewer nutrients than in the finish trimester of childbearing! When fitness classes have more energy. But one may not overeat: just three meals plus snacks. Prepare for this in progress:Solve who will help prepare a food as a baby;Leave a plate of food on a table for snacking - greens, corn bread, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, desiccated apples, etc..;Natural milk is 87.5% water, as drink more, in any case, not less than 9-10 glasses a day.  Newborn leaving. Resembling Baby attention.articles:Juices for infantsChildNewborn upkeep. Breast-feedingBabyBaby leaving. Massage infantChild. Читать полностью -->

Mothers. Aqua

NewbornThe smallest demands to drink highly individual and depend mostly on food, gravity and age of the infant, so well how the state of health and the climate. In general it can be said that a healthy baby until a year to 100 ml of fluid for each kilogram of mass. When a baby reaches 10 kilogram, a calculation is slightly various needs: Currently a day a newborn needs to have 1 liter of fluid plus 50 ml per kg complete the main ten.  Similar posts:Walk with the babyNewbornNewborn upkeep. Night-feedingBabyBaby care. Massotherapy for childrenChild. . Читать полностью -->

Baby service. Healthy Eating lactating women

NewbornIf potential, the nutritional nursing young woman should alone use fresh products (or products subjected to deep cooling). In the day menu must be present: fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy items, fresh meat, fish (meat, crab, and eggs can be eaten alone once or twice a 7 days), fats (a butter, olive oil, sunflower butter, ghee, wheat germ oil and thistle seed ), drinks (water, mineral water, plum, anise, fennel watter, cumin, barley aqua, malted grain and coffee).Short preparation time will keep all a vitamins (heartwarming meal should be not more than once), for salads and cooking, apply alone vegetable fats. Daily carte need be a bit of raw raw vegetables and fruits are very healthy bread from millet flour, oatmeal, muesli. Drink need lots - with 2 to 3 liters of fluid per time. It is good to just and upon fresh-feeding. Striving: natural milk - a item of power, and not quench your thirst.Eliminate with the diet you want: alcohol-containing drinks, beans, cabbage, strong tea, milk with sage, peppermint, hibiscus flowers, coffee, poultry, steak with blood meals from raw meat, chocolate, seafood, shellfish, offal, sharp seasoning, parsley, and citrus fresh fruits. Читать полностью -->

Attention of a baby. Washing down or not?

NewbornNutritionists recommend not to drink during a meal - alone later it is desirable after 10-Fifteen minutes. However do not put all on a desk that you require to propose your child. It is correct to do it one by one. Purchase a convenient utensils for tea, fruit compote and aqua. You should not pour a drink in a bottle with a nipple, immediately teach child to drink with a cup. Pick out a model with a convenient spout and a backstop if a toddler and upset the cup, a fluent does not spill. Читать полностью -->

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