Baby. Monthly during breast-feeding and bottle-feeding

ChildMonth later birth done breast-feeding normally start later. But that's just as much later does not answer no doctor and no medic publication - how it is purely individual.At least a month following childbirth so come - is 6 week. All that early postnatal discharge are not monthly, and enjoy a completely varied reason for the face - a blood of the endometrium due to a detachment of the placenta how a result of his birthday. Monthly like effect not held conception.Postpartum discharge normally finish no more than 40 times, with all of this they are very abundant in a first 5 days after birthday, and later becoming similar to "daub" in the last times of menstruation. By a technique, even with such a "daub" ovulation can happen... However, you need to worry about contraception immediately. Читать полностью -->

Exterior child

BabyExpectant mums and attractive healthy to know size approximately of a features of the externality of newborns in progress.If you are a young mum, the child imagine being chubby and smiling with cute folds on the arms and legs. Be aware, life is not so! Here's mother throws a 1-st look at a newborn child, and it seems that with the baby anything like this: a large head, tiny aging body, gnarled hands and feet, the facial skin in spots.Do not worry if a child child does not be like a baby from the image. Children rarely are born pink, plump and shine. Typically, children possess about features of outside, disappearing after a while later birthday. And to dispel a doubts and fears, you just should to talk about this with your medic at a infirmary.  Upkeep of a child. Like Mothers.articles:Mothers. Читать полностью -->

Child. Aqua

NewbornA smallest wants to drink very individual and depend mostly on diet food, mass and age of the infant, so well as the state of lustiness and the climate. In general it can be said that a healthy newborn until a year to 100 ml of fluid for any kg of mass. When a child reaches 10 kilogram, the calculation is slightly various needs: Currently per day a newborn needs to get 1 liter of fluent plus 50 ml per kilogram complete a chief ten.  Upkeep of a newborn. Alike posts:ContraceptionChildNewborn attention. LactationBabyMaintenance of a child. Vitamins for kidsChild. Читать полностью -->

Baby maintenance. Diaper - assistant and friend

ChildA second stepAs to really find out if a newborn has enough milk? The method is simple - check "on a wet diaper." Count as often a newborn wets nappies (diapers it, and not disposable diapers!). Children and kids are the 1st months of life should urinate on 6 or more times a day, and urine want be colorless or pale yellow.If a child is exclusively breastfed while "using" 6 or more diapers daily, it is just enough natural milk, regardless of mass and height at birth and at the moment.Estimating a amount of milk with wet diapers - the second step to solving a issue. If you give the newborn h2o or other drinks, this test does not help: urine will be produced out of a h2o and still may not be enough crumbs of breast milk.  Child. Same Baby.articles:Mums. Rickets in childrenBabyCare of a child. BreastfeedingNewbornMassotherapy for babiesBaby. Читать полностью -->

Care of a baby. 3 steps to smooth face

ChildYou'll likely claim to quickly rid a child with scabs on his head! However, the rush is not a put. In no case did not scrape them, even if you Think about it you are size to fall away. Otherwise, you may damage a delicate face on the child's head, and the wound may get infected.Keep in mind that a parietal crust - it's not a disease. So do not immediately grab for the drugs, try to apply home remedies. The chief thing - to choose the rightly tactics and procedures to carry out permanently.SoftenAn hour earlier balneum the newborn's head grease liberally with butter (olive or limited children), salicylic ointment or liquid petroleum jelly. Impregnating means a skin, gently talk to the kid. Читать полностью -->

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