Newborn leaving. Legs

ChildTo make the 1-st steps of a newborn were sure to train the muscles of the legs. Massotherapy of a feet and knees will help to strengthen them.Put in the palm of a child's foot and left mitt "draw" on eight of her hands to a heel. Then rub the leg, slowly going around a knee joint. Repeat 4-5 minutes.  Photo 4 Massaging a foot to strengthen a nervous system of the baby massage a toes and heels, lightly pressing down on them. Concentrated on the foot nerves that are responsible for a whole aging body.  Photo 5 Tummy  Mothers. Resembling Moms.articles:Stitches after giving birth following cesareanBabyBaby service. Dining nursing momNewbornMums. Hair loss of the giving birthBaby.

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