Mums. Analysis of warm milk

BabyNormally, if there is no signs of mastitis, a gastroenterologist appoints therapy and tells her mom to give the baby bifidobacteria and lactobacilli for a prevention of dysbiosis. In a fight against microbes, most doctors prefer bacteriophages and plant antiseptics. Antibiotics are used extremely rarely. But if this is necessary, the physician will pick out a drugs that do not affect lactation.Lactating women are advised to make the analysis of warm natural milk "sterility", but it does not stop lactation when detecting bacteria in natural natural milk, and see a medical man for treatment assignment. In this case, you can continue to breastfeed your baby, and a benefits of warm milk would exceed the harm of bad germs that are a result of exposure to medicine will soon disappear.Mom's natural milk immunoglobulins stimulate metabolism, protect a intestine with reproduction of pathogenic organisms, increases the body's resistance to infections. To cope with such a rival, however fresh natural milk, germs will not be easy! Preventive measures also did not hurt either.For starters put attention of proper nutrition. An abundance of confection creates an ideal environment for microbial progress. Occasionally the mother is excluded with a diet of candy butter, floury - and the baby begins to feel consummate.In addition to a mandatory hygienic procedures helpful to lubricate the areola area oil solution of vitamin A and E - it increases the elasticity of the facial skin and prevents a formation of cracks. And let bacteria stay away!   Moms. Same articles:Moms. Baby 5 monthsNewbornBreast-feedingChildLeaving of a newborn. Massage infantChild.

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